Ending Net Neutrality – If you aren’t rich, you don’t belong on the Internet.

The FTC has “decided” to abandon net neutrality (meaning, they think it is safe enough now to do what they planned all along) and instead to allow the giant telecom corporations the right to charge every person with a web site fees for letting people see that site. See the story at Crooks and Liars ยป FTC Abandons Net Neutrality.

Look, the bottom line is that big corporations already own all public media outlets and control everything you see and hear…except for the many Internet blogs that provide real public opinion outlets. Obviously, the Internet must die!

Oh, you’ll still get to read sites like CNN and Fox News, you’ll be able to shop at Sears.com and Amazon. You just won’t be reading small sites like this one anymore – be they left, right or in between. The FCC has decided that corporate opinions are the only opinions you should be allowed to read.

We knew this was coming because we knew the corporate interests have bought our government. It just makes us sad.