9/11 Survivor Banned – Let’s Ban Scooter Libby!

You know, some political nut jobs can get away with being complete dicks, as we have noted, while people of a different persuasion had better keep their mouths shut if they want to be treated like a human being. That’s what some UK hotel banned a 9/11 SURVIVOR because of his political views… I shouldn’t even have to tell you what his views are. If he was a “we have to become a fascist state in order to survive” kind of guy, he’d probably be getting a discount on his room. But no, this 9/11 survivor thinks the US government may have been behind it all, so he’s not welcome.

While disgusting and a bunch of ultra-right-wing bullshit, it gave me an idea. All businesses have the “right to refuse service to anyone” as we can all see. It’s time the rest of us started using that power by showing that government criminals are not welcome in our world.

Just for starters: We MUST BAN SCOOTER LIBBY! If you have a business, put a poster on your door. Put a poster on your office. Put a poster on your cubicle. Scooter Libby is not welcome here.

No, I’m not fucking kidding. I’m tired of just rolling over and playing dead. I want businesses to Print out Libby’s picture, and tape it to their front doors: Scooter Libby is NOT WELCOME HERE.

If you survive 9/11 and blame the government, you’ll get banned. So let’s ban a criminal who was at least a party to committing treason against the United States of America.

George Bush has prevented Scooter Libby from being punished for his many crimes against the people of the United States, but we can apply a little street justice by letting him know that we know what he did to us, and that he isn’t welcome in our businesses.

Just do it! Show you are a real patriot instead of the usual FAKE kind that makes me wanna puke!

Getting started, here’s your NO SCOOTER poster. The linked file is suitable for printing:

Ban Scooter Libby! Scooter is not welcome here, printable poster

Get Your “NO SCOOTER!” Poster Here!