Wasn’t it yesterday that I said the Democrats should send moving men accompanied by armed security over to the White House and physically carry Dick Cheney’s desk, phone and that fucking “man-sized” safe out the door?  Yup, it was.

Today, the Democrats are considering defunding the office of the Vice-President.  I like the drama of carrying his shit out the door because I think it would drive The Bionic Veep into cardiac arrest, but I can get behind the defunding thing, too.  Problem is, I can’t see those invertebrates who call themselves Congressional Democrats actually doing it.  They’ll talk big, they’ll posture, they’ll stand in front of TV cameras and say they’re going to do it, but they’ll back down at the last minute.  Then George Bush and Co. will steal their lunch money again.

Hey, Democrats:  NO MORE BULLSHIT, OK?  Stop getting our hopes up.  At the risk of sounding crude, either shit or get off the pot.  Grow a pair and act like men.  That goes for you too, Pelosi.

Senate panel moves to cut off funding for Cheney in flap with Dems over executive order – U.S. Politics –