The numbers for the CBS news audience are down…way down.  Now far be it for me to give advice to Katie Couric (r-i-i-i-ght!) but I noticed something the other night that just might indicate why people are abandoning network news in general and CBS in particular.

You may have heard about Oscar, the Death-predicting Cat.  Oscar is a cat who lives in a nursing home somewhere (this story is SO fucking stupid that I can’t be bothered to look up where the nursing home is).  It is alleged that if Oscar decides to sleep with one of the residents on their bed, he or she has less than four hours to live.  I really, truly hope that I don’t have to explain to you why this is almost certainly horse shit.  OK, I’ll give you one reason: the chances are good to excellent that no one at said nursing home has really checked to see if every time Oscar curls up with Grandma, she buys the farm within four hours.  If Oscar EVER sleeps with anyone who manages to make it to the cafeteria for oatmeal in the morning, then Oscar don’t know shit about death.  Anyway…

On the same day as the Fast-Breaking Oscar the Death-predicting Cat story broke, the Director of the FBI testified to Congress that Attorney General Gonzales was lying to them.

On the CBS Evening News, the Lying Attorney General story got 109 words.

Oscar the cat got 490 words.

Still wonder why fewer and fewer people take Katie Couric (and TV news in general) seriously?

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