Referring to The Simpsons movie, a Fox exec said, “The old saw of synergy within media companies, that was never full realized before, paid off here.”  So, “synergy” means “beating the audience over the head with constant commercials and promos that interrupt the show they are actually watching”?  I had no idea.

I love The Simpsons, but because of the relentless shilling for this movie, I have to fight the urge to stinkbomb every friggin’ theater showing it.  Besides, although I hate to admit it, I think The Simpsons jumped the shark several years ago.  My favorite episodes are from when Conan O’Brien was the producer and involve things like the Springfield monorail and the Stonecutters (a parody of the Masons).  The plots back then tended to involve something more than the writers trying to find ways to make Homer stupider and stupider.  I like my satire more, well, satire-ish.

Deadline Hollywood Daily » #1 ‘SIMPSONS’ D’OH! $167M Worldwide: Bigger Than Any Pixar Toon, Fox Boasts

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