I like Harry Shearer, who does voices for The Simpsons and plays the bass player in Spinal Tap among other things.  He’s apparantly a partner  in My Damn Channel, today’s newest entry in the Alternative to YouTube Sweepstakes.

I don’t know if My Damn Channel will work, but I do appreciate that the founders don’t seem to be selling the “We’re better than YouTube because we have professionals picking the material that’s on our service, unlike that crazy YouTube that has all that nutty user-submitted crap on it” line.

You want to put up a site where professionally-produced stuff that would never make it to network air can be seen, knock yourself out.  The more, the merrier, as far as I’m concerned.  Just don’t tell me that people don’t want to see cats playing the piano, ’cause the Internet traffic says different.

Hollywood Pros to Launch Video Web Site – New York Times

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