I know it’ll seem like I’m a thousand years old when I say this, but I would happily take one classic Popeye cartoon over the entire output of Disney/Pixar.  Yeah, CGI is a wonderful technology, but you really have to hand it to people who did stuff as cool as the old Popeye cartoons working with the relatively crude tools of the day.  Those guys had to draw that stuff by hand!

There’s more laughs in the average seven-minute Popeye cartoon (I’m talking here about the old ones from the 30’s, not the later pieces of crap you may have seen on TV when you were a kid) than in 90 minutes of any of Disney’s “Princess” epics.  Also, the old animators knew they were just making small pieces of entertainment; they didn’t try to moralize or, thank God, write in songs about the fucking Circle of Life. They’re just funny little cartoons about an alternate universe in which weirdly-limbed sailors and WWE-chested bullies slug it out over an Ann Coulter lookalike.  AND since they’re enemies and all, they actually HIT each other.  A lot.  What more could you ask for?

Oh, did I mention that the animation is a glorious work of art, unlike all the shit that calls itself “animation” on TV today?  Yeah, that too.

all kinds of stuff: Something Not Bland: Popeye – “Can You Take It” (1934) – walks

2 thoughts on “DISNEY/PIXAR SUCKS!

  1. Jacob

    @Lia: Popularity =/= quality.

    The Oscars and the choosing of both nominees and winners is more political than it is based around quality film-making.

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