Sheesh, get off Katie Couric’s back, willya?  She’s a JOURNALIST, damn it!  Why do you think she allowed CBS to hide her legs behind her anchor desk?  She wanted to show America that she isn’t just a info-bimbo more suited to a mostly fluffy morning show than a network evening news cast.  It’s called GRAVITAS, people!  Look into some time.

Stop with the nit-picking about how she said that a story was broken first by CBS news when it demonstrably wasn’t.  How’s a girl supposed to pull her third-rated news show out of the mire if not by claiming “scoops” where none exist?  Think of the CBS Evening News as a reality show.  We all know that a lot of stuff on reality shows is exaggerated or outright faked, right?  Why pick on Katie’s show?  She’s just trying to be the best infotainer she can be.  in fact, I hear the execs at Black Rock are thinking of retitling the show Survivor: Midtown Manhattan.  Just pray the tribe doesn’t vote you off the island, Katie.

Mervin Block: Katie Couric: When ‘Exclusive’ News is Not Exclusive–And Not Even News

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