Hey, look everyone!  It’s a corporate CEO lying.  I know, I know, you’ve never seen THAT before.  Well, here you go, kids.  Behold the wonder which is Mel Karmazan, the head of Sirius satellite radio (and the head of whatever they’re going to call the combined company if XM and Sirius are allowed to merge).

Here’s what Howard Stern’s Boss says:

“Have you ever heard of a product or
service that hurt competition by lowering prices and increasing choice?”

Nope, Mel, I haven’t.  Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly what you’re offering.

Mel says that the merger will increase choice for satellite radio subscribers.  Good trick, Mel, since everyone knows you’re going to eliminate a lot of the “overlapping” channels between the two services.  I happen to subscribe to both XM and Sirius currently.  I LIKE having two 60’s channels, two 70’s channels, etc. to choose from.  I won’t have that after the merger and everyone knows it.

And as for that “a la carte” channel selection you’re touting, you kind of downplay the fact that it doesn’t work on the currently available radios.  So, if I want to choose the channels I pay for, I have to buy a new radio.  To revert to my Bronx roots for a moment, that fucking sucks. 

As I see it, I HAVE “a la carte” now.  I have hundreds of channels and I can choose from them what I want to listen to at any given moment.  If I had young kids, I already have the ability to block any channel(s) I don’t want them to hear.  So, Mel, what are you offering me that’s an improvement over what I have now?

Here’s what I want after the merger: EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE NOW AT THE SAME OR LOWER PRICE.

So, how do I get that, Mel?

The a la carte alternative — The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

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