What do Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Google, The Drudge Report, Craigslist, YouTube have in common?  They (and others) are among the hottest sites on the Internet…and not a single one of them was conceived or developed by one of the big media corporations.  Not one of them was the brainchild of NBC/Universal, Disney/ABC, CBS or Viacom.  They were all invented by one or two people who simply had a good idea…and usually without a lot of money initially.

The Big Media Conglomerates don’t know Jack Shit about coming up with breakthrough Internet sites.  All their millions and billions of dollars can’t produce a YouTube.  They succeed only in an environment with a finite number of channels that they can monopolize, like television.  When there’s essentially an infinity of choices, users reject their shit in favor of “programming” that creatively addresses their needs and wants.  No wonder these scumbags want to take over the ‘Net and force the Little Guy off.  When there’s REAL competition with a low threshold for entry, they can’t cut it.

So, what DO they come up with for the Internet?  Bullshit that rips off the creative work of the Pioneers of the Internet.  Hence the endless parade of “YouTube Killers” du jour.

Every time I turn around, I’m reading about one of the Big Media Conglomerates developing a site that is going to put YouTube our of business.   My ass.  Ain’t happening. 

Oh, you want to know why?  It’s simple: they’re Big Media Conglomerates, that’s why.  They want to do two things with these sites:

1. Use them to promote the shit they produce for their other properties (“corporate synergy”).
2. Keep other people’s stuff off their site.

The success of YouTube is, at least in part, because it ISN’T the same as the shit the Big Media Conglomerates produce.  It’s telling that people would rather watch a kitten play a piano or a monkey smoking a cigar or whatever the fuck people post on YouTube than what the BMC’s are putting on network TV.  Weirdness is preferable to blandness, which is what the BMC’s are comfortable with.

Anyone can put just about anything on YouTube.  You think NBC/Universal is going to let you put some anti-Bush rant on their “YouTube killer” site?  Not happening, Dude.  You’re going to get mini-versions of the shit you’re already not watching on NBC.

There ain’t gonna be any YouTube killing here.  There IS gonna be a lot of venture capital wasted and a lot of head scratching when that happens.

Fuck you, BMC’s.  Stop trying to “kill” the good stuff on the ‘Net and work on coming up with an original idea someone actually wants.  You know, like the sites you want to kill.

Equity Firm Invests in NBC Universal-News Corp. Online Venture – New York Times

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