Just yesterday, I trashed the Big Media Conglomerates for being such a bunch of tight-assed rip-off artists.  I was right, they are.  Every once in a while, though, one of them actually does something that isn’t a huge, stinking piece of impacted manure.

This, my friends, is one of those.  Behold the weirdness which is  It’s HBO’s “experimental” web venture.  Yay for HBO.

Yes, a lot, if not most, of what this thing turns out won’t go very far.  So what?  The “programs” they’re creating cost damn near nothing.  If even one of them leads to something bigger, all the money put into this experiment is money well spent.  After all, how much do the Big Four Networks sink into hugely-hyped shows that get canceled in less than one season? probably costs less in total than even one episode of those failed shows. 

You have all the fucking money in the world, BMC’s.  Have some fun with a little of it and see what happens.  You can always keep producing expensive shit in the meantime.

HBOlab: Weird science

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