As everyone who’s read this blog for any length of time knows, I’m forever pointing out various iterations of the Laziest P.R. Stunt Of All Time, namely gluing a bunch of Swarovsky (it’s always Swarovsky) crystals to some mediocre gadget and putting an astronomical price on it.  I swear you see some variation on this pathetic cry for attention about once a month.

Here it is yet again, albeit with a slight change.  This time it isn’t Swarovsky crystals they’ve glued to the outside of a perfectly ordinary Swiss Army Knife, but real diamonds.  Ooooh, catch me, Mildred, I think I’m going to faint.

Although they’ve upped the bling factor this time around, as always with the Laziest P.R. Stunt Of All Time, they didn’t go with a high-end version of the original product, but a very average Swiss Army Knife, the kind you could buy for about $20 if it wasn’t crusty with pressurized coal.  You’d think they’d want to go with the hundred-tool model, wouldn’t you?

Someone, perhaps a college professor or somebody who works for a think tank, has to explain to me why these things are NEVER the high-end version of the original (non-blinged) gadget, but always a unit from the low end of the price scale.  It’s ALWAYS that way, so there must be a reason why, but it escapes my little brain.

Diamond Knife: Swiss Army Goes Bling with the Victoria Collection – Gizmodo

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