George Orwell was only half-right.  This shit has gotten scary.  Now, if you frown at the goddamn airport, you may be targeted as a terrorist.  No, it’s not that you’re tired after driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it’s that you hate America and are going to try to blow something up.

Oh, and as for this “well, it helped us find some guy who may have been up to something sneaky” shit, uh, were there other people you jerked around who weren’t doing a damn thing?  “Well, it makes me feel safer,” you say?  Tell me that when it’s YOU who gets yanked out of line and taken to the back room for questioning because you made a frowny face in front of the Junior G-man who handled your baggage.

Here’s an idea: let’s round up every man of the age of puberty or older.  I mean, they’re all potential rapists, right?  How do we know who the real rapists may turn out to be?  If we wait for them to actually commit a crime, it’ll be too late. 

Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s lock up all the women, too.  I mean, any one of them could be a bank robber, if not today then possibly tomorrow. 

Don’t you dare tell me that what I’ve just proposed is absurd if you support this “facial profiling” bullshit.  It’s the same logic, just extended to include more people.  Once you’ve accepted the “logic” that everyone is under suspicion because of the actions of a few, why not go all the way and flat-out accuse everyone?  That includes you, of course.  What, did you think that your support of universal suspicion exempted you?  Sorry.  After all, wouldn’t a guilty person act like that to throw off suspicion of them?  What are you trying to hide?

Welcome to the Slippery Slope, Dude.

New airport agents check for danger in fliers’ facial expressions

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