As things stand now, all porn producers, whether online or offline, have to keep on file affidavits that attest that all performers are over the age of 18.  That should suffice to prove that everyone is of age, right?

Not according to the Feds; now they’re saying that porn purveyors have to have personal information about the “stars” of their “films” on file.  It’s to protect the children, don’t you know?

Bullshit, says me.  I don’t care what you think about porn; if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.  My point is that this is NOT to protect anybody’s kid.  If the producers can demonstrate that the participants are of age, then there are no children involved and it’s none of the government’s concern beyond that point.  Period.  (We’re assuming here, of course, that everything is consensual.)

This is just more of the religion-driven anti-sex shit the GOP is famous for.  Over the last three decades or so, there have been at least two federal government-funded studies on the effects of porn.  Both of them concluded that porn has NO deleterious effect on a normal adult human.  Facts.  Who needs ’em when we have perfectly good superstition to follow?

Any time someone gives you that, “It’s to protect the children” line, take a good, close look at what their agenda really is.  Most of the time they’re just out to fuck with you and your right to choose what entertainment you purchase.

FEDS’ PORN ULTIMATUM | By JANON FISHER | National News | US News | Current National News

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