I’ve been on the Swarovsky (it’s always Swarovsky) Crystal-covered Crap Watch for some time now.  For some reason, manufacturers think that taking a mediocre piece of electro-crap and dipping it in crystals magically transmutes into into something worthwhile.  Bzzzzt!  Wrong.

This time around, it’s actual diamonds, not Swarovsky (it’s always Swarovsky) crystals, but same concept.  an iPod Shuffle is barely worth owning no matter what it looks like.  At least the normal, bare model is cheap.  This horror show, however, costs $20,000.

As always, I’ll point out that, while you see crap like this advertised all the time, you never read about anyone actually buying one.

Blinged out iPod Shuffle doesn’t come cheap – Engadget
Idiot Lure: Diamond-Encrusted iPod shuffle Takes ‘Fool and His Money’ Prize – Gizmodo

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