Of course, by “happy days,” I mean the days of child labor, like, say, the 1890’s.  Bravo, CBS/Viacom, for realizing the entertainment potential in taking a group of pre-teen kids, dropping them in a ghost town in New Mexico with no adult supervision and working them for up to 24 hours a day while videotaping the results.  That’s TV Gold, is what that is.

Young kids have had it too easy for too long.  America’s major corporations should take CBS‘ lead and put kids to work on assembly lines.  After all, they can afford to work for less money than adults as they don’t have any spouses or children to support.  Think of the savings to our nation’s employers!

Far from castigating CBS for this bold experiment, I think the network should be receiving some sort of Presidential award for Ingenuity.  This is the wave of the future of America and we have CBS and Les Moonves to thank for showing us the way.  This makes me want to have more kids so I can put them to work in eight or ten years.

Deadline Hollywood Daily » Les Moonves, A Mogul With No Conscience

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