Even though she bared her udders in a nude photo, the “family friendly” Disney Company is backing their current cash cow against criticism.

Disney‘s new hot property is High School Musical (along with its cleverly named sequel, High School Musical 2), something you’ve probably never heard of because you have a fucking LIFE.

Do you think for a moment that they wouldn’t sell Vanessa Hudgens’ ass down the river if they didn’t think they needed her to sell this direct-to-video chotchke or if she was pushing for an unacceptable-to-them pay raise?

Hell to the no, as the philosopher Whitney Houston might say.

These “conservative” corporations are all for “family values.”  Unless, of course, they stand in between them and a box full of money.  Then suddenly, tit flashing isn’t the biggest crime since genocide.

Disney backs star after her apology for nude photo | Entertainment | Reuters

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