MTV is in the shitter.  No one, even the kids who wear hockey helmets and sit way in the back of the school bus, think it’s cool anymore.  The VMA’s sucked the Big Gadinga.  What to do, what to do?

MORE COMMERCIALS, obviously.  Why, it’s so simple!  Jam some more commercials into the content that no one wants to watch anymore.  Duh.  Of course, if you put too many commercials into the shows, it’ll become obvious even to the sluggards who still watch Empty TV.  Hmm, how to hide the spots?

Ah, I’ve got it!  Make shows that are actually commercials themselves.  Sure, the shows will suck because they exist solely to push the crap the advertiser is trying to sell, not to entertain, but hey, that’s show BUSINESS.

At MTV, a New Show That Pushes Deodorant –

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