You’ve seen, or at least heard of, Chris Crocker, the eyeliner-wearing young man who shot a YouTube video of himself going to pieces as he defends fellow human train wreck Britney Spears.

In a world based on logic, young Mr. Crocker’s emotional outburst would be watched by a number of people who would perhaps feel sorry for his unhingedness which might encourage his family to help him seek therapy.  Then in a few years, he would go on to have the successful career as a drag performer he’s almost certainly heading for.

This, however, is NOT a world based on logic, so Crocker has “inked” (as they say at Variety) a deal to star in some sort of “reality” TV show.  This is based on the fact that his video has generated nearly 8 million hits on YouTube

At the risk of disagreeing with the television professionals at 44 Blue Productions, I would like to humbly suggest that not everything which commands attention for a few seconds translates into “talent” which will make for a compelling TV show.

We all have, after all, slowed down to gawk at a fatal car crash on the highway at least once in our lives.  That wouldn’t translate into a TV show, would it?  Wait, now that I think about it, doesn’t Fox have several shows based on that on the air already?  OK, bad example.

How about this:  I’m willing to bet that if I put a video of my cat licking his privates on YouTube, it would generate a lot of hits.  Surely no one would put THAT on the air, right?  Damn it, I just gave several TV producers their next Great Idea, didn’t I?

OK, I give.  I have no point to make here.  America, meet Chris Crocker, your next TV Superstar.

Variety.com – ‘Britney’ guy may get TV gig

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