NBC Universal and Fox have put their Large Media Conglomerate heads together and come up with a sure-fire idea: a web site where you can watch video, including stuff from TV shows.

What’s that you say?  It sounds like YouTube?  And why does the world need yet another YouTube clone, especially one that won’t let people upload whatever stuff they want, which is perhaps the biggest thing YouTube has going for it?  Gee, you ask good questions.

The answers to your questions are:

Yes, it SOUNDS like YouTube, until you get to that “you can’t upload whatever you want” part.


The world doesn’t need yet another one of these things.

You’ll know this thing is on its deathbed when some publication prints its shitty hit count and an executive from either NBC Universal or Fox makes a statement like, “Hit count is not the only way we measure the success of our web properties.  We’re very satisfied with Hulu’s performance.” 

If you work at Hulu and you see that statement, immediately run, do not walk, to the Xerox room, lock the door behind you and start cranking out copies of your resume. 

NBC/Fox Video Site May Have Missed Video Tide.

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