Cryptcaster Don Imus, who is poised to make a comeback on WABC radio in New York City, apparantly has a deal pending to simulcast his show on TV.  Hmm, which major cable network is going to put the I-Man back on television?

RFD TV.   What do you mean, what’s RFD TV?  It’s the cable network that broadcasts “Cattlemen to Cattlemen,” silly.  It’s also the network that broadcasts Big Joe’s Polka Show, a program I once watched with my then-teenage daughter.  She had never heard polkas before and I asked her what she thought of them.  “Well, it’s happy music,” Christa answered.  Damning with faint praise, perhaps, but accurate.  I mean, I’ve never heard the Funeral Dirge Polka.

Imus used to be seen on MSNBC, the bargain basement of cable news channels.  OK, maybe MSNBC isn’t the hottest thing on cable, but at least you’ve heard of it.  I suspect that some of the people who work at RFD TV haven’t heard of RFD TV.   If I told you I’ve seen an entire show on RFD TV about tractors, you’d think I was kidding, wouldn’t you?  I’m not.

Now that I think about it, though, maybe RFD TV is precisely the right place for Imus to appear.  I mean, he does have something in common with a lot of tractors; they both look like they were left out in a field in the sun too long.

Imus on the Farm?

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