Where have you heard that Hulu.com, the “YouTube killer” site co-owned by NBC/Universal and Fox is going to be a huge stiff?  Oh yeah, right here.  This thing might as well be in a large crate with “DOA” spray-painted all over it.  Apparently, executives at the Big Media Conglomerates haven’t gotten the memo that users want access to EVERYTHING, not just the crap that they own (and which is already available on TV and in theaters).  Despite the notion that users will automatically flock to “professionally produced” content, the evidence shows that lots of people WANT to watch cats dancing on piano keyboards.  If your site isn’t allowing access to that stuff right next to the latest Will Ferrell movie, you’re going down.

Hulu to Hurt Cable, Not Google – News & Analysis – Media/Entertainment – CBS – CMCSA

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