OK, so NBC/Universal has this site, which contains clips from the Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien and other of their funny properties.  It’s looking like they’re going to shut it down because it didn’t reach enough people to make a dent in the online world.

This to me doesn’t bode well for the new NBC/UniversalYouTube killer” site,  If they couldn’t get into the fight with one proprietary playground, why do they think that another proprietary playground is going to get the job done?  You know, once upon a time I used to think that if you had a hot shit jobs at one of the Big Media Conglomerates, you must be smart about the “industry.”  I don’t think that anymore.  I’ve seen too many of these multi-million-dollar FUBAR initiatives.

If I was working at, I’d keep my resume updated and ready to go.  Just sayin’.

No Joke: NBC Expected to Shutter DotComedy

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