Politicians Screwing Kids? Guess Which Party

I don’t know what it is about Republicans, but I think it has something to do with that party’s embrace of a very authoritarian and repressive version of Christianity. So like all those priests, I guess Republican politicians are driven to perversion by the mental handcuffs of their stated beliefs: Another Republican Politician Caught Trying To Screw Children

“Ortloff discussed engaging in various sexual acts with said ‘minors’ while conversing with them online and on the telephone,” states the plea agreement signed by Ortloff on Wednesday.

I remember a Republican party that used to be practical and interested in fiscal conservatism. Where did those Republicans go, hmm? It seems that the embrace of religious extremism has caused a death spiral for the party. Now the only thing they can do is attack, ridicule and slime the other guy.

On the positive side, it makes it much easier to find child molesters and other sex offenders: Just check the voting rolls.

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