The TV News Sell-out Continues

This time, we’re talking about health reporting. TV News Directors Association is proud as punch to partner with what amounts to an advertising firm to make fake news appear like magic on your television.

Schwitzer health news blog: TV news directors make another bad deal on health care news

“In celebration of Ivanhoe Broadcast News’ 30th anniversary, Ivanhoe and The Radio and Television News Directors Foundation have joined forces to provide two new training opportunities for journalists.”

What it all really means is that you are going to see more and more commercials disguised as news and more and more TV “journalists” acting as product pitch men. That’s just great. Like they didn’t lie to us enough as it was, now they are going to finish the job.

The only thing we can do is to REFUSE to watch any TV news, ever. Period. You’re reading this online so obviously you have Internet service. You can get real news online…although you have to hunt for it. I’ll suggest a few places some other time. Oh, and readers may feel free to suggest their own sources.

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