Well, 2008 wasn’t the most interesting year I’ve ever had, but it had its moments.  Here are the highlights:

*In March, I became Contributing Producer for the documentary The Passion of Andy Kaufman, about my late friend and performance artist/comedian/song and dance man.

*Also in March, I did 15 interviews (13 with American radio stations, 1 with a station in Australia and 1 with an Irish station) as “Robert Porter,” eccentric dot com millionaire who was offering Senator Hillary Clinton a million dollars to pose for “a series of tasteful nude photos.”  This was ostensibly to demonstrate that Mrs. Clinton really was a different kind of candidate, as she clamed to be, one who didn’t think that the human body was obscene.  The interviews were all done “straight” and the stations thought that Porter was sincere about “his” offer.  I also produced a series of videos for YouTube as Porter in which I challenged the Senator to take my offer.

*In June, I won Radio Shack’s National Invention Contest for my Homeland Security Helmet.  It’s a pith helmet which has a working video camera on it, along with a flashing blue light on top (to notify passers-by that they are being videotaped), two small lights to illuminate the scene being taped and a small sign featuring scrolling LED’s for urgent messages.  I’ll let you judge the sincerity and practicality of my invention.

*In July, again as “Bob Porter,” I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as the proprietor of a company which arranges “staycations” (stay-at-home vacations for people who can’t afford a real vacation).  It should be noted that I do not operate such a company, I do not know anyone who has ever taken one nor have I ever taken one.  According to the WSJ, however, I’m an expert in the field.  I guess that means that I am.

*In September, a photo of me wearing my Homeland Security Helmet (the same photo which won me my Radio Shack Invention prize) was included in “Crust,” a science fiction novel by Lawrence Shainberg, published by Two Dollar Radio.  I appear on page 116 as Dr. Robert Fawck.

There was another noteworthy event in November but I can’t talk about it yet as it was part of another person’s project, details of which haven’t been revealed yet.  I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I can.

So, that was my year.  Like I said, not the biggest, nor the strangest, one I’ve ever had, but interesting nonetheless.

One thought on “A LOOK BACK AT 2008: THE YEAR IN ME

  1. David Black

    Grow up and get a fucking job, you putz. Over fifty years old and still playing frat boy antics to get some attention. What a pathetic wretch you are.

    David Black

    Not a frat boy, which sounds more like your world – just an entertainer. And I’ll decide to grow up when you decide to develop human empathy.

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