Healthcare CEOs Admit They Are Pricks

For those who think that the worst thing that could happen to you is to have a government bureaucrat manage your healthcare, just take a look at what happens when insurance company bureaucrats manage your healthcare! Healthcare CEOs Shoot Themselves in the Foot.

To get the best healthcare in the world, you should be at least a millionaire. If you aren’t a millionaire, the next best thing is to be a citizen of any industrialized nation in the world EXCEPT the United States. If that’s not an option and you are stuck in the good ol USA, try running for congress. They get the best healthcare in America… of course, they are mostly millionaires too so it’s kind of a wash. If you can’t get into congress, try to get on Medicare… yes, government-run healthcare is the BEST you can do in America. Lastly, there’s private health insurance. Just bear in mind – as the examples show – when the chips are down they will try to do everything legal and otherwise to avoid paying, and if you end up dying as a result, that’s an extra bonus for THEM.

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