Another blog take on US Health Care

We’re not the only ones spreading truth and common sense, although we seem to be the only blog that told the truth about how health care is NOT and cannot be a free market endeavor. That story was picked up by radio talk show hosts and others interested in the truth.

Another blog gives a good breakdown of why American healthcare is so expensive and yet so bad: Where the money goes in the US health care system.

If you haven’t figured it out already, ALL of the scare stories and ALL of the crazy yelling town hall people are health insurance company-backed bullshit.

The people are shills. They are lying about being constituents, LYING about being ‘non-partisan’ – and the money behind all this AstroTurf (fake grassroots) comes from people with a dog in the fight; the health insurance industry.

Lies built on lies, and parroted by sleazy amoral radio and television talking heads.

So now we know, these people don’t give a shit about you, and they think you should just die if you aren’t rich. They’re bought and paid for by billionaires who also think you should die if you aren’t in their club. I hope all these sick fucks rot in hell. If there was an ounce of justice in the world, they WOULD!

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