Get REALLY Sick, Lose Your Health Insurance

Anyone who has EVER worked in the health care industry knows that insurance has a high component of smoke and mirrors to it. Many outsiders don’t know this, however; they think that their insurance will be there if some dreaded and costly illness strikes.

As we have said, however, America does not have a health care system, it has a health care INDUSTRY. That means that they are in business to make profits, not take care of sick people. As such, insurance companies aren’t in business to pay your claim when you get sick. They are in the business of trying to figure out how to AVOID paying your claims. It’s always profits not people – one hundred percent of the time. Try not to forget this, okay?

They may try to call your newly-discovered cancer an “undisclosed pre-existing condition” or they may say that any treatment is experimental and therefore not covered. If they can’t do that, they’ll just cancel your policy.

Don’t kid yourself, it happens all the time. It is the inevitable result of a for-profit, pay-or-die system. And that is also why even the biggest, most fanatical knuckle-dragging wingnuts in other western democracies would never advocate that their countries adopt our system. They may be wingnuts, but they’re not crazy!

HHS: Insurance Companies Encourage Employees to “Revoke Sick People’s Health Coverage”

‘You might have known that insurers can deny health coverage based on preexisting medical conditions, but here’s something else to worry about: They can take away the coverage you thought you had when actually need it’

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