Variety.com – ABC hastens call on ‘Bingo Night’

So, ABC is going to air a producer’s wet dream: a show with no writers, actors or that complicated “plot” stuff.  Yes, they’re going to put BINGO on television.  National network television.  During prime time. 

Once upon a time, back in the Jurassic era (the early 1980’s), a guy I know named Jon Miller who owned a TV production facility in Bethlehem, PA wanted to do a local version of this.  To make it all legal-like, he was going to involve local charities which would get a piece of the action.  I was going to be one of the hosts of this show.  For reasons I still don’t understand, the local politicians opposed this idea and killed the thing.

The version I was going to be involved with was going to air on local cable TV, for which it doesn’t seem terribly inappropriate to me.  Somehow, national network time seems as if it could be used for something more interesting/creative than bingo, but I’m a cranky old (well, middle-aged) man, so who gives a shit about my opinions? 

God forbid this thing catches on or the airwaves will be FULL of cheap-to-produce stuff like this.  Buh-bye drama, buh-bye comedy.  “Quick, someone, pull the oxygen mask off Grandma and wheel her in front of the TV.  Bingo is on!”