The Denver Post – “Screamer” riders told to enjoy – minus shrieks

This is the best publicity stunt I’ve seen in ages.  It has it all: it got TONS of press; it was covered as a “straight” news story, not a publicity stunt and; it cost next to nothing.

I’ve never been to the Scandia Family Fun Center in Sacramento, but I have visited a few other Scandias when I lived in San Diego.  As you would expect with places that have go-kart tracks, batting cages and miniature golf courses, they were in areas zoned for businesses.  As I recall, there were NO homes near the Scandias I went to.  My guess would be that the same is true for the Sacramento Scandia.  I notice that, despite the claim that the no-noise rule went into effect because “neighbors” complained, no “neighbors” were apparently interviewed.  Eh, you can’t expect “journalists” to actually CHECK stuff, can you?

I’ve come up with a few publicity stunts in my day and I can tell you from experience that the simple ones are the hardest to invent.  This “Screamer” thing is brilliant in its simplicity; it’s everything you could want in a publicity stunt. 

Hey, Steve Baddley, if this was your idea, you’re a friggin’ genius.  I’d love to meet you some time just to B.S. about publicity stunts, etc.  Seriously, I bow to your greatness, Sensei.