Brian Williams Weighs In on New Media | We Want Media

Poor, poor Brian Williams.

“You’re going to be up against people who have an opinion, a modem, and
a bathrobe,” said Williams. “All of my life, developing credentials to
cover my field of work, and now I’m up against a guy named Vinny in an
efficiency apartment in the Bronx who hasn’t le[f]t the efficiency
apartment in two years.”

Oh, the frustration of having to fight the juggernaut of a guy with a computer in “an efficiency apartment in the Bronx” with only a major TV network owned by a multi-billion-dollar defense contractor behind you.  How can you POSSIBLY compete?  How dare some Philistine (who is obviously one of the unwashed, illiterate masses given that he lives in a small apartment in–gasp!–the Bronx! dare to think that he might have something to contribute to the understanding of some issue?

“If we’re all watching cats flushing toilets, what aren’t we reading?
What great writer are we missing? What great story are we ignoring?
This is societal, it’s cultural, I can’t change it. We should maybe
pause to think about it. Because like everybody else, I can burn an
hour on YouTube or Perez Hilton without breaking a sweat.
And what have I just not paid attention to that 10 years ago I
would’ve just consumed?”

Oh, so true, Brian!  I mean, just look at all the hours of programming the major networks devote to the great writers.  Damn that “Internet” thing for taking us away from the cultural Valhalla that is the mainstream media.  Who can forget Howie Mandel as King Lear on NBC’s Classic Theater Hour?

Hey, Brian, if a millionaire talking head like you is worried about poor people in bathrobes encroaching on what you see as your turf, you might want to take a moment to reflect on what market forces are making that happen.

As a person who actually grew up in an apartment in the Bronx (not an efficiency, but a three-bedroom rent-controlled fifth floor walkup), I can tell you that some of out here in “America” (AKA, what your driver takes you past on your way to the airport) are intelligent, have opinions as well as modems and bathrobes and believe that you Big Time Journalists are WAY too fucking cozy with the people you’re allegedly “reporting” on to give us the actual truth about what’s going on in our world.

Your snotty fucking comments about people from the Bronx not leaving their efficiency apartments for two years confirms everything I suspected about how guys like you view the rest of us.  You think that your audience is stupid, poor and knows nothing, so it needs a smart, rich, White guy like you to interpret all those confusing “facts” for it.  Up yours! 

Here’s a news flash for you, Scoop: the largest source of misinformation, not just about the Iraq war but about damn near everything in contemporary American life isn’t the blogs, it’s the network TV news.  Get your own house in order, Mr. Highly-Paid Journalist, before you start lecturing people whose outlets exist because of the huge Fact Gaps in the work produced by people in your profession.  We don’t believe you, we don’t trust you and our blogs came into being because we WANT to have accurate information.  We dare to think that even people who don’t make millions of dollars a year can have something to contribute to the discussion.

OK, I’m done now.  I have to go change bathrobes.  Say “Hi” to the other plutocrats for me, willya, Bri?