Participation on Web 2.0 sites remains weak | Technology | Internet | Reuters

I’ve seen that term “Web 2.0” all over the damn place for the last year or so and I’ve never once seen an explanation of what the hell it means.  So, according to this article, it means websites that allow for visitor participation.  Uh, that’s it?  That’s what the big noise is all about?  Whatevs.

By the way, is anyone surprised that the vast majority of people do NOT provide content to sites like YouTube, but merely visit to look at stuff?  Did the Big Brains think that simply providing the ABILITY to provide content automatically meant that most people WOULD automatically do so?  Uh, damn near everyone has a computer with a word processing program on it.  Why isn’t everyone writing a novel?

Most people don’t create content for the Web for a simple reason: it’s a pain in the ass, it’s time consuming, and they already HAVE a friggin’ job!  They go to the Web to zone out and watch monkeys riding tricycles and lesbians kissing.  Like every form of entertainment, it’s an escape from the boring parts of life. 

On the Web, the few provide content for the majority to look at.  Big Surprise!  Twas ever thus.