NBC/Universal, for some reason (probably to impress the Cool Kids in the Graphics department) bought this women-oriented web site, iVillage.com.  Eh, nothing horrible about that.  Since EVERY media deal involving ANYTHING on the Internet HAS to include “synergy,” they decided to spin off a TV show and make their owned and operated stations run it.  Oops.

“The show’s audience ranges from a high of 31,000 viewers on average in
New York to a paltry 9,000 viewers in San Francisco, according to
Nielsen Media figures.”

OK, did you get that?  31,000 viewers is the LARGEST audience for this show in any market.  As my Dad used to say, you get more people than that waiting in the candy store for the Sunday paper to be delivered.

Give me a crew of two and a camera, let me wander the streets of New York City and I PROMISE you I will get you a larger audience than that for the show I will produce, at a tiny fraction of what they must be paying for this iVillage show.  I’m serious (not that I expect that any network would have the balls to do this, of course.)

The problem with the people who run TV networks is that they want a Magic Formula.  They want whatever’s hot at the moment, without any regard to the implementation of the concept. 

“The kids seem to like this ‘Internet’ thing.  Let’s make an Internet show!”

“What’s it about?’

“Uh, I dunno.  Just get the Internet in there somehow.”

So they make an “Internet TV show.”  It sucks.  No one watches it.  And they’re baffled.  How could it fail?  It had the Internet in it.  Internet 2.0 even.