KEEP IT QUIET – Pagesix – New York Post Online Edition

So, Rita “I gargle with razor blades” Cosby is allegedly peddling a book that’s going to let us in on all the sleazy stuff that goes on behind the scenes at TV news operations.  Quick, someone tie her down and tattoo “Whore” on her forehead, stat!

So, let me get this straight, Rita.  All those years you were taking checks from Fox News Channel and MSNBC, you were in possession of all the nasty little secrets about the TV news biz, but you didn’t bother to clue us, your audience in.  Now that you can’t find a gig on the tube, you’re gonna Tell All.  Quite the journalist you are, Rita.  Really dedicated to giving the public the truth, aren’t you–but not if there’s a chance that you could get shit-canned.  Now that you’ve been kicked to the curb anyway, you’re going to pull back the curtain.  I hope your piece of shit book sells worse than Spam on ham at a convention of rabbis.