SO I WAS RIGHT…AGAIN – Transcripts

Check below for the posting in which I point out that everyone involved in the Imus debacle is a world-class scumbag, including CBS management.

As I said, on his last day, Imus was doing the same show he had been doing for CBS, with their complete knowledge and approval, that he had been doing for years.

Now we get a peek at Imus’ contract and guess what?  It says

“CBS Radio acknowledges that Imus’ services are to be — to be rendered
are of a unique, extraordinary, irreverent, intellectual, topical,
controversial, and personal character, and that programs of the same
general type and nature containing these components are desired by CBS
Radio, and are consistent with company rules and policies.”

My money says that CBS has to pay off Ol’ Mumbles and the whole thing gets settled out of court with neither party disclosing the terms of the agreement.