If you’ve been sentient for the past few days, you’ve heard about the alleged “terrorist plot” to blow up JFK Airport in New York City.  The feds have some suspects under arrest, with one still on the run.

That’s all well and good.  There’s an interesting wrinkle or two to this story that you almost certainly haven’t heard about, however.

One of the suspects has the last name DeFreitas.  He’s alleged to be the mastermind of this “plot.”  Here’s where the story gets interesting.

I live on the Oregon coast, therefore my “local” TV stations are out of Portland.  The news shows there have been saying that there’s a “local connection” to the story.  The “local connection” is that Mr. DeFreitas worked a few years back for Evergreen Airlines, out of McMinnville, Oregon.  So?  Well, the “so” is that Evergreen Airlines, besides owning the museum where Howard Hughes’ plane, the Spruce Goose, is on display, has been reported in the past as being a CIA front company.

Yes, I realize that you now think that I’m wearing a tin foil hat. Don’t believe me, go research it yourself.  Go to Google and type “Evergreen Airlines +CIA” as your search term and see what pops up.  Read about Evergreen’s shall we say, colorful, past for yourself.

So, we have an alleged “terrorist” who used to work for an alleged CIA front company.  The plot thickens, huh?

Just for shits and giggles, as the kids say, I’ve been sending this information to some high-profile investigative reporters.  I don’t really know what, if anything, all this leads to, but I think someone should be looking into it, hence my head’s up to the reporters, so if and when you start to hear more about it in the mainstream press, you know who to thank.  You’re welcome.