So, you thought I was nuts when I told you there was an interesting connection between at least one of the JFK Airport “terrorist” and the CIA, huh?  Thought I was pulling the whole thing out of my ass, right?

I hate to say “I told you so,” but…well, actually, I don’t hate it at all.  Something’s very odd about this story and I’m proud to have been the first to my knowledge to have said anything about it on the Internet.

I’ve passed the information on to a few investigative reporter types, so if and when it starts getting some traction in the mainstream press, you know who to thank.  Again, you’re welcome.

Seriously, isn’t it cool that the Internet gives a mook like me to a means to disseminate this kind of information?  Without a modem and a phone line, how else would I ever be able to tell you this stuff?  Hey, maybe THAT’S why I keep stumbling across mainstream reporter/pundit types who seem to fear the “blogosphere.” 

JFK terror plot suspect worked for the CIA []