Cliff Schecter

You know, this blog is supposed to be about publicity stunts, promotions and me getting hired to invent same.  The trouble is that things that piss me off keep presenting themselves and begging me to write about them.

Yeah, it seems funny on the surface to arrest a woman for making faces at a police dog, but if you think about if for a minute, it really ain’t funny.

From my vantage point, it’s just another step along the path to making every act that can possibly be construed as objecting to any action on the part of an authority figure illegal.

I do have a suggestion for the woman in question, however, and it’s only half-unserious.  I say she goes to court and has her lawyer subpoena the dog to testify.  After all, the dog is the only one who can say whether her staring at him really made him feel intimidated, right?  The police started this joke; I think she should take it to the punchline.