The only difference I can see between this show and the typical local TV news show is that this show admits the anchor has no business sitting behind a news desk.

I see that the “star” of the show worked on WWE wrestling shows in the past.  For today’s TV “news” scene, that’s better training than having attended the Columbia School of Journalism.  “We’ll go to the local weather in a moment, but first here’s a Diva Pudding Match with anchor Lauren Jones.”

About time someone just came right out and admitted that TV “news” is a joke, a fake, a fraud. 

For years now, I’ve been predicting that local news show, at least in big markets, would eventually feature Guest Celebrity Anchors, like, say, Tom Cruise, from time to time, when said celebrity had a movie or other big project to promote.  I still think that’s going to happen, but this is the first logical step on the path to that.

Hey, Brian Williams, still want to lecture us all about how the “guy in his pajamas in his efficiency apartment in the Bronx” writing his blog is inferior to you Trained Journalmalists?  Well, actually, I can think of at least one way the blogger is inferior.  He probably doesn’t look good in a swimsuit.

Fox reality show roils East Texas town