News Monkeys Gone Bad – MSNBC

So Paris Celebretard Hilton gets out of jail and it is the top story everywhere since we long since solved all problems that Americans’ actually face and therefore have nothing else to think about.

One MSNBC script reader says no and tears up the script, as you can see here: MSNBC Video if you can stand to wade your way through the ultra mega #*@^ing stupid potty training commercial they make you sit through first.

It was funny. My first thought was that I wished some local news people would start refusing to read stories about smoking monkeys and American Idol… …Except, the handy nearby shredder tells you that this is a pre-planned bit. It’s still funny, but perhaps not in the way they intended. The mindless bullshit that gets reported instead of real news is what’s killing America. And these “news” people KNOW they are doing it, and are amused at the destruction they wreak upon the rest of us.

As a side note, some of my fellow “news” friends felt it necessary to remark that this was unprofessional conduct. To the “news” people, you see, professionalism is defined as shutting the %$&*# up and reading whatever the corporate masters put in front of you.

Yeah, that’s the definition of being a pro, all right, never think, never question, just follow orders. Isn’t that the definition of a good Nazi, too?