Murdoch Consumes WSJ – YOU CAN’T FIRE US, WE QUIT!

So, the Spawn of Satan, Rupert Murdoch, is apparently about to take over the Wall Street Journal.  Rupert Murdoch owns, among many other tabloids, the New York Post, a paper so revolting that birds routinely refuse to allow their owners to put it in their cages as a liner.

Journalists at Dow Jones, which currently owns the Journal, think that Murdoch is going to trash the paper in favor of the kind of low-rent tabloidism he’s instituted at his other papers (gee, you think?)  They also think that he will cut staff (gee, you think?)

They wanted to protest, so what did they do?  They came in late for work on Thursday.  Boy, if there’s a more effective way to show your new employer how indispensable you are than blowing off work, I don’t know WHAT it could be.  Way to stick it to…um, I’m not really sure WHO that sticks it to, actually.

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