About CMG

"As Seen On TV:" (Or in USA today, US News, Nerve, etc.). Since 1998, The Cranky Media Guy seems to keep turning up all over the place. Among the stories taken from this site recently featured in national and international press coverage: Have You Seen This Girl?. No, we’re not kidding. And no, we don’t care if you think she’s ugly.    
There’s also that infamous offer to Janet Reno to pose nude for $750,000.00.

It isn’t all entertainment, however. Crankymediaguy.com brought you the real deal in the Anthrax Terrorist Profile – it’s the one that got the FBI back to thinking about domestic terrorism and extremist connection … A feat yet to be acknowledged by the corporatist-controlled media.  Oh yeah, we’re also the site that coined the term "corporatist" for the sell-out politicians (and their supporters) who
are working tirelessly to radically alter the American way of life.

Yes, crankymediaguy.com has been featured in US News & World Report (listed as a "media watchdog" site), USA Today and Nerve – and talked about on TV programs such as Fox News Watch and TechTV’s Screensavers.  Meanwhile, the Cranky One himself, Robert Pagani, has been written about in the Wall Street Journal,  the New York Post, People, Parade, and Seventeen Magazine (to name a few). Mr. Pagani has also appeared on Good Morning, America, AM Philadelphia and
Oprah Winfrey – and has been a guest political commentator on German public television

Besides being funny or presenting commentaries and alternative news for new thinkers of the pro-liberty movement, we sometimes have information you can’t find anywhere else. …We’re the whistle blowers with a liberal dose of humor. The non-partisan Cranky One hates everybody – but he does it in a funny way.


Audio stuff: Check out Bob’s radio show, the Bill of Rights Hotline in Windows Media and Real Player G2 formats, and some other radio show clips: All in the Audio collection.

Video: For streaming video fans (if such things exist), don’t miss Bob Pagani’s Slycraft Hour with special guest Andy Kaufman. For Andy fans, this is must-see TV (And this is the only place on Earth where you can view this footage – it’s a CMG-TV exclusive).