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OK, I know how to fix TV.  Well, the problem with costs that some TV producers say they’re running into, anyway.  Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t believe me, you think I’m talking out my ass, but I swear I really do have a way that a producer could make an hour-long show that would cost scarcely more than a half-hour AND would be something that no one has ever seen on TV.

Am I going to tell it to you here?  Nope.  Why not?  Well, it’s something that any producer could do IF they thought of it, which they won’t.  The whole thing is in the concept, essentially.  You want to know how to make an hour of TV for little more than a half-hour costs you?  Pay me!

Trust me, this thing is genius in the right hands. 


What happened when I followed The Secret’s advice for two months. – By Emily Yoffe – Slate Magazine

Remember when I told you that The Secret, Oprah’s current favorite book, was an enormous load of horseshit?  If you don’t, check below for my rant–I mean, well-thought-out commentary–on that subject.

Anyway, if you are considering buying that doorstop-disguised-as-literature, click on the above link and see what another person says about that exercise in wishful thinking.


I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Lean and Mean | PBS

So, tell me again how outsourcing is good for America, please.  If what is in the above linked article is correct, this will be an absolute horror show.  Combine this massive layoff with the growing mortgage crisis and I think that sinking feeling you’ll have will be the bottom falling out of the economy.  Third World, here we come!  How long before the people climbing over the wall at the San Diego/Tijuana border are heading South?

Doom and gloom?  Well, maybe, but I think this is going to be really bad as it just about has to cripple some small towns, like those just outside New York City in Westchester County where IBM is the largest employer.  It’ll be a good time for anyone with money to buy a new home, though.  There’s gonna be a shitload of houses for sale at a fraction of what they were going for a couple of years ago.  Motivated sellers, don’t you know.


Sirius to air COSMO Radio Confessathon –

Yeah, really, I invented this idea several years ago.  Couldn’t convince anyone to try it at the time (satellite radio was just barely beginning).  MY version, however, is better than this, for a reason that I’m not going to disclose at this time (there’s a chance someone will want to try my version now).

Man, you ought to SEE my idea notebook!  There’s notes for things from years ago, well before someone else did a lamer version of them as well as stuff that someone SHOULD be doing right now.  At the risk of seeming immodest (RISK of seeming immodest?), I’m a genius at this kind of thing.