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I’ve talked many, many, TOO many, times about crappy techno-stuff covered in Swarovsky (it’s always Swarovsky) crystals. This crystal-encrusted “device,” however, really embodies the spirit of crystal-encrusting perfectly.  Methinks THIS is the signal to start French Revolution Deux.

The Hardware Aisle: Ice Toilet: Flush with cash (or just flushing it)


According to this article, there are many advertisers prepared to pay top dollar to buy ads on TV shows which the networks are putting on the Internet.

This confuses my simple mind.  Television writers are on strike as we speak because the show producers and networks say that there’s no money to be made on the ‘Net, therefore there’s nothing to give to the writers.  How can we reconcile this seeming contradiction?  Why, it’s almost as if the executives at the Big Media Conglomerates are LYING!  Nah, can’t be.

Web Ad Action Surprises Nets – TVWeek – News


Michael Eisner, former head of Disney and the man who thinks he can propel the never-has-been-funny Bazooka Joe to superstardom, has some advice for the striking Hollywood writers.  He thinks their strike is stupid.  Go figure.

I’m pretty dumb about business as humans go, but I have learned one thing: when someone whose interests are diametrically opposed to yours offers advice to you, feel free to give him the finger and walk away.

Michael “I-Fucked-Up-Disneyland” Eisner offering “advice” to employee writers is like when Newt Gingrich goes on Fox News Channel to “help” the Democrats by telling them what he thinks they should do. 

About halfway into this article, FNC‘s Neil Cavuto asks the question I’ve been asking (inside my skull, sure, but asking): if there’s no money being made on the Internet by the Big Media Conglomerates, what’s the harm in giving the writers a bigger percentage?  After all, any percentage of zero is still zero.  Eisner did his impression of a Republican presidential candidate answering a question about the unpopularity of the Iraq war; he ducked it.

Bottom line, writers: if Eisner is “helping” you by telling you your strike is stupid, STAY ON STRIKE UNTIL YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Media Blog – Mixed Media by Jeff Bercovici: Michael Eisner Calls Writers Strike ‘Insanity’ –