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More Scientific Evidence About Conservatives

Let’s take our recent discussion of healthcare as an example: We cite facts, figures, objective information. The conservative response; “America has the greatest health care system in the world” and “Why don’t you go live in Cuba.”

So we see anecdotal evidence every day that conservatives don’t live in a world of facts, they live in a world of pre-determined conclusions… and fear. Scientists Explain Why People Vote For Republicans.

Covering two scientific studies about political views, one of the things we’ve shown as rather obvious is that conservatives start with a conclusion and then accept only “evidence” that fits their original beliefs. Duh. We see it all the time right here!

One study started with the whole lie about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. For the purposes of the study, they could have started with any story. Taking people who believed this trumped-up cover story for the pre-planned invasion of Iraq, the true believers were then shown evidence that the story was not true. This evidence included very thorough research papers and studies. More than enough facts to change anyone’s mind. But not conservatives. For them, they only became MORE certain of their preconceptions.

“This ‘backfire’ effect only worked on conservatives. Even when they varied the source of the refutations, it made no difference—corrections from the New York Times and Fox News both caused conservatives to believe the lies even harder. In other words, objective truth is dead, observable reality is a fairy tale, etc.”

The last poll I heard indicated that about 40 percent of Americans self-identify as conservatives. And as we’ve seen here time and again (and has been repeatedly proven in scientific studies) conservative=fact-free.

Or put another way, America is almost certainly doomed. I’d like to think better – I really would. I’d like to believe that facts and reality DO eventually penetrate the conservative mind; it just takes a lot longer.

At least give me that!