Uncle Bob Q-100
Uncle Bob @ Q-100

Cranky Media Guy Radio and audio files. From the infamous “Bill Of Rights” phone sex hotline to miscellaneous clips from Uncle Bob radio shows. From Allentown, PA to Boise, Idaho…. and we’re still looking for clips from San Diego…

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WCRV Classic – The little station in New Jersey that launched the careers of so many famous radio personalities, including Uncle Bob: Mp3

Format: AM Drive Hot Talk / Music


Applying for a Job – Bob decides to call an adult entertainment company …he heard they were hiring. Versions: RealPlayer | Mp3


The Burning Of The Nikes – Fed up with trying to talk to a “Customer Service Representative” at Nike, Bob decides to take action. Versions: RealPlayer | Mp3


J105, Boise, Idaho – It’s Pagani in the Morning, with Tom Kraemer – God help us all. In this episode, Tom ‘Trixie’ Kraemer has peanut butter and jelly licked off of his feet by a 350 pound dude. Mp3


Q-106 Sample Mp3


J-105 extra – Applying for a job as a lingerie model

Format: Talk Radio

Click Here for Real Player version Click Here for Windows Media Player version The Bill of Rights Hotline – Studies have shown that most people – including our political leaders – have absolutely no idea what’s in the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution). Bob figured out a way to teach our political leaders about our rights in what may be the only way they could ever understand. This “hoax” received national publicity. …Listen to The Bill of Rights as read by a simulated phone sex operator!

Mp3 1

Mp3 2

WEEX in the Morning – Uncle Bob’s morning drive show on WEEX, Easton-Allentown, PA – Two shows available online: Show #1: | Mp3 —   Show #2:  | Mp3


WAEB Misc. – Just another day in the life of Uncle Bob, aka The Cranky Media Guy. This clip is a random bit of Bob’s afternoon drive talk show on WAEB, Allentown, PA.  MP3
Click Here for Real Player version Click Here for Windows Media Player version ‘Asleep At The Wheel’ – the aftermath. – From WAEB, his clip is from a Monday show after Bob’s Asleep At The Wheel story (which received national publicity) was revealed to the world. A fun, fast-paced clip. The WAEB show usually had a lot of serious content, but everyone has to have some fun once in a while, don’t they? RealPlayer Version | Windows Media Player Version

Q100 Car Wash Radio Stunt invented by Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob goes through the car wash… a radio stunt invented by Uncle Bob decades ago, and still being copied to this day