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Alberto Gonzales Feels Sorry For Himself

From Cartoon People

So you conspire to trash the US Constitution, you create a policy where torture isn’t torture unless YOU or the President say it is… some people don’t like that, and this makes YOU a victim of the War on Terror?

Wonkette : Alberto Gonzales, War On Terror’s Latest Victim

Mr. Gonzales said that “for some reason, I am portrayed as the one who is evil in formulating policies that people disagree with. I consider myself a casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror.”

Oh the humanity! Poor misunderstood Alberto. He only wanted to turn America into the Soviet Union. How could anyone call him evil? SNIVEL–WHINE. Why can’t people see what a good little crypto-Nazi he is?

He truly pities the fool.

Politicians Screwing Kids? Guess Which Party

I don’t know what it is about Republicans, but I think it has something to do with that party’s embrace of a very authoritarian and repressive version of Christianity. So like all those priests, I guess Republican politicians are driven to perversion by the mental handcuffs of their stated beliefs: Another Republican Politician Caught Trying To Screw Children

“Ortloff discussed engaging in various sexual acts with said ‘minors’ while conversing with them online and on the telephone,” states the plea agreement signed by Ortloff on Wednesday.

I remember a Republican party that used to be practical and interested in fiscal conservatism. Where did those Republicans go, hmm? It seems that the embrace of religious extremism has caused a death spiral for the party. Now the only thing they can do is attack, ridicule and slime the other guy.

On the positive side, it makes it much easier to find child molesters and other sex offenders: Just check the voting rolls.

CIA Hands Out Drugs in Afghanistan

Yes, it’s what you’re thinking; Viagra (as opposed to some super-secret Truth Pill: Little Blue Pills Among the Ways CIA Wins Friends in Afghanistan.

“For U.S. intelligence officials, this is how some crucial battles in Afghanistan are fought and won. While the CIA has a long history of buying information with cash, the growing Taliban insurgency has prompted the use of novel incentives and creative bargaining to gain support in some of the country’s roughest neighborhoods, according to officials directly involved in such operations.”

Two things to note:

  1. – The last round (involving billions of OUR dollars handed out as cash rewards) resulted in tens of thousands of completely innocent people being imprisoned and tortured by the our government. Cash is irresistable and most of these “war lords” don’t know any real terrorists, so what could you really expect?
    I remember that one guy was hung by his hands until they were dead and had to be amputated…then what do you know they decided he was innocent after all. Huh, well, sorry about the hands thing..have a nice day.
    That’s what happens when you offer millions to turn in anyone for anything.
  2. – For the record, this little program makes the Americans International Drug Dealers; a death-penalty offense in Afghanistan and a life offense in America. Yep, prescription drugs handed out without a prescription.. illegal as hell. I’m sure the virulently anti-drug administration will be prosecuting these guys soon. *cough* *hypocrite bastards* *cough*

So now we’ll have another round of innocent people tortured brutalized and occasionally murdered… but all the war lords will have boners so it’s okay.


Anyone who works to deny working-class and poor people health care has NO right to sympathy about their illness or demise.

Tony Snow was a shill who made a very comfortable living covering for the incompetent criminals who are running this country at the moment.  His passing is sad for his friends and those who loved him but it’s nothing more than he deserved.

Death does not automatically transmogrify you into someone who deserves respect.  If you were a scumbag in life, when you die, you’re just a dead scumbag.

Tony Snow is a dead scumbag.
Tony Snow, 1955-2008