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Microsoft wants to Squeeze Every Dime Out of You

It’s a basic principle of corporate greed that if you, the consumer, have one dime to spend freely, they are doing something wrong. Microsoft, a standard practitioner of corporatism, is dedicated to making sure you’ll be a little poorer in the future:
Microsoft outlines vision of pay-as-you-go computing.

“Microsoft notes in the application that the end user could end up paying more for the computer, compared with the one-off cost entailed in the existing PC business model, but argues the user would benefit by having a PC with an extended ‘useful life’.”

I understand they’re working on another plan to have everyone’s paycheck directly deposited to a corporate funding pool. There, the money will be distributed to the corporations to which you’ve been assigned as a “consumer”… and if there’s any left, they might pass it along to you after deducting a reasonable fee for their wonderful service.


Homeland Security Helmet | Invention Lab — Powered by RadioShackĀ®

Yes, that’s me and I won! I am singlehandedly protecting America from the scourge of terrorism. Go ahead and cower in fear, I’ve got your back, Mr. and Mrs. USA.

Seriously, I got an email this evening from the company running the contest for Radio Shack, notifying me that I am one of the Grand Winners. My prize? A $250 gift certificate to Radio Shack. GPS, here I come!


I’ve been saying for years now that these “non-lethal” weapons you keep reading and seeing news stories about are NOT for deployment against people who wear funny-looking costumes in some other country where everybody rides to work on a camel but for protesters right here in the good ol’ US. of A.

I started thinking like that a few years back when I saw a commercial for the U.S. Army which talked about our soldiers as “peacekeepers” and showed them riding around in a tank-like conveyance. Funny thing: the streets the tank-looking thing was moving along looked more like an American ghetto than some place full of furriners. A little bell went off in my head. Lo and behold, I just read the following:

Ray Gun for Taming America


Hey, China!  Yeah sure, your underage workers make shoes for Wal-Mart and poisoned Thomas the Tank Engine toys for the children of America, but OUR eight-year-olds are putting in their time in high-tech settings.  Our march backwards to 19th Century Dickensian England is MUCH more advanced than yours.  Nyah nyah nyah-nyah nyah (“neener neener neener” for our West Coast readers).

Eight-year-old tests chips for Actel, owns an oscilloscope