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Oh the horror – the White House let semi-liberal talker Ed Schultz sit in on the Obama press conference. The shame is unbearable. Boy, this guy is SO right!  You’d never see a right wing talk show host at one of George Bush’s White House press conferences.  A male prostitute, sure, but not a right wing talk show host.  I mean, come on!  Decorum, people; does the word mean anything to you?

Oh yeah, um… there was that right-wing uber nut job talk show host Les Kinsolving at every White House press conference, asking questions like, “How can you stand the evil Democrats and their attempts to destroy America?” ..But you know, it wasn’t Rush so it doesn’t count. Nothing the far right does ever counts. EVER. When will we stupid reality-based people learn? – Politico’s Daily Anti-Obama rant.


Um, everyone?  When you resort to booking a plumber who isn’t a plumber who wants lower taxes although he doesn’t pay his taxes as your “guest speaker,” it’s pretty much over for your party.

I understand at their next meeting, they’re going to have Bob the Builder speak to them about infrastructure.

Joe The Plumber, Republican Strategist.

See also Joe “My Name Isn’t Really Joe and I’m Not Really A Plumber” Wurzelbacher as the Republican’s chief economic adviser.

CIA Hands Out Drugs in Afghanistan

Yes, it’s what you’re thinking; Viagra (as opposed to some super-secret Truth Pill: Little Blue Pills Among the Ways CIA Wins Friends in Afghanistan.

“For U.S. intelligence officials, this is how some crucial battles in Afghanistan are fought and won. While the CIA has a long history of buying information with cash, the growing Taliban insurgency has prompted the use of novel incentives and creative bargaining to gain support in some of the country’s roughest neighborhoods, according to officials directly involved in such operations.”

Two things to note:

  1. – The last round (involving billions of OUR dollars handed out as cash rewards) resulted in tens of thousands of completely innocent people being imprisoned and tortured by the our government. Cash is irresistable and most of these “war lords” don’t know any real terrorists, so what could you really expect?
    I remember that one guy was hung by his hands until they were dead and had to be amputated…then what do you know they decided he was innocent after all. Huh, well, sorry about the hands thing..have a nice day.
    That’s what happens when you offer millions to turn in anyone for anything.
  2. – For the record, this little program makes the Americans International Drug Dealers; a death-penalty offense in Afghanistan and a life offense in America. Yep, prescription drugs handed out without a prescription.. illegal as hell. I’m sure the virulently anti-drug administration will be prosecuting these guys soon. *cough* *hypocrite bastards* *cough*

So now we’ll have another round of innocent people tortured brutalized and occasionally murdered… but all the war lords will have boners so it’s okay.


I’ve been saying for years now that these “non-lethal” weapons you keep reading and seeing news stories about are NOT for deployment against people who wear funny-looking costumes in some other country where everybody rides to work on a camel but for protesters right here in the good ol’ US. of A.

I started thinking like that a few years back when I saw a commercial for the U.S. Army which talked about our soldiers as “peacekeepers” and showed them riding around in a tank-like conveyance. Funny thing: the streets the tank-looking thing was moving along looked more like an American ghetto than some place full of furriners. A little bell went off in my head. Lo and behold, I just read the following:

Ray Gun for Taming America


OK, let’s say you’re a right wing writer of words and you want to write something about Barack Obama’s parents and how they might have met and how that might somehow “prove” that they or he are/is communist.  Would it make sense for you to, oh I don’t know, DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH INTO HOW THEY ACTUALLY MET INSTEAD OF PULLING A STORY OUT OF YOUR ASS?

Of course, there’s always the possibility that how they actually met doesn’t line up with your fantasy version of how it happened, which would, of course, ruin your entire thesis.

So, you do the laziest thing possible, which is to simply not bother to try to find out how they met and just go with your science fiction version of the Obamas’ first encounter.  It’s fun to play pretend, isn’t it?  That’s why small children do it. – [Link]